Warped Tour is Over but Like Satellites will Keep the Pop Punk Spirit Alive


Toronto-based Pop Punk band Like Satellites just released their highly anticipated new single titled “Muscle Memory.” This pop punk banger features the bands female vocalist Leah Gillespie (also known as Leahishazy) who bellows out lyrics that seem to be drenched in teenage angst that we could all relate to. This bands spunky vibe is similar to artists and bands like We Are the In Crowd, Avril Lavigne, and All Time Low. Aside from Leahishazy, the band lineup consists of guitarist Ryan Goodman, bassist Logan Arsenault, and drummer Alex Bullen. The band cleverly combines synth sounds with an upbeat grove that is a staple of drawing listeners in. The sound is unique yet still reflective of the pop punk music scene that 90’s kids grew up into. The band carries that hint of summer vibe that you can still remember from many Warped Tours (RIP) ago. Like Satellites is keeping the pop punk scene alive with Muscle Memory!

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Written by Christina Suraci – instagram @ilovebeefstew

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