Lose Your Mind to Unknown Chapters New Music Video Set in a Psych Ward


“Losing My Mind” by London-based band Unknown Chapters is nothing short of a mind-blowing new rock anthem! The music video paired with the song makes for an incredible experience – so be sure to watch it while you listen! The video creates an immersive and entrancing experience that will make you forget where you are. Set in a black-and-white psychiatric ward, the hallucinations bleed into the music and create a sense that you are literally losing your mind. Lead vocalist Andrei Dutu has a voice that seems to be smoother than silk, and as all of the instruments blend together perfectly fusing pop, rock and funk, each band member is able to shine in a creative way.

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Written by Skylar Bauer
contact: sbauer24@capital.edu / skylars-portfolio.tumblr.com

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