Eithermore Drops Sophomore Single “Tender Curiosity” about Falling For Someone


Eithermore is a New York-band that puts on an incredible live show, takes unexpected turns in their songwriting, and doesn’t need to be edited when they hit the record button. They have just released their sophomore single “Tender Curiosity” which was written by lead singer Jordanna Felice. This raw track is filled with guitar licks that will please your ears, soothing smooth vocals, excellent lyrics, and the sound of a band that really knows how to play together. Enjoy this track as you wait for the full length album to drop!

RTP’s favorite lyrics from the track:

“I’ve got a feeling she doesn’t want me the same way
And it’s so appealing to see someone new in a strange way”

Quote from Jordanna Felice about the meaning of the song:

“The song is about meeting someone new and all the excitement and subsequent doubt that comes with it. How falling for someone comes with mostly uncertainty and the fear of them not liking you back.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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