Active Bird Community’s ‘Baby It’s You’ Is Intense Alt-Rock with a Patient Pace

8 4 18 Active Bird CommunityActive Bird Community’s ‘Baby It’s You’ is some intense, straightforward alt-rock with a patient, manageable pace. Frontman Andrew Wolfson describes this as, “a song about love,” but one that leaves him, “with more than just an “I’m in love” feeling and more of a feeling of confidence that comes from loving yourself.” In the video, “this pop star character Nick D’Agostino and I created… has all the confidence in the world,” Wolfson says, “and it felt great being that hero for a day.” After a brassy horns intro, the band moves into the fuzzy, rollingly consistent body of their song. The fuzzy guitars and unstoppable rhythm section that makes up most of the mix is a great background for Wolfson’s emotive, heart-wrenching vocal approach. Under all of that, the horns make an occasional reappearance in conjunction with some choice keys to ensure everything is properly accented and isn’t overly monotonous. These guys really have it together. Check out ‘Baby It’s You’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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