‘Second Narrows’ by Living with Lions Is Sad, Hardcore-Oriented Pop Punk

8 4 18 Living with Lions‘Second Narrows’ by Living with Lions is sad, hardcore-oriented pop punk from Vancouver. The so-called “emo punk-rock band… has announced plans to release their fifth studio album, Island, on September 14th.” Lyricist Chase Brenneman says, “Second Narrows is a bridge in Vancouver that I have to drive over almost every day to get to my house.” For him, “it kind of represents safety… Having a messed up day or going through something shitty, I always start to feel better once I see the bridge.” These guys definitely know how to channel the angst, but at their core, they seem like a pop-punk outfit reminiscent of early Neck Deep, The Early November or New Found Glory. These guys have an intense, rambunctious sound that successfully fuses the energy of hardcore punk with the easily-palatable relatability of emo-pop. There’s a lot to like on this track. Check out ‘Second Narrows’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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