“Big City” is a Complex Sound from Kris Gruen’s New Album

gruendeconstructed2 copy.jpg
It’s easy to sink into the richness of new single “Big City” from Kris Gruen. The music holds such depth from so many layers of sound that you’ll hear something new in the song each time you listen to it. There’s a peaceful quality to the song that contrasts the idea of New York City as a bustling, “always happening” city, but somehow, it works. It’s comforting to know that there is always something to do, and that “you never, never really feel lost.” Feeling lost or out of place is a nearly universal experience, but this song reminds us that anyone can find home and family in New York, or any other big city.

Enjoy the song and album on Spotify:


More info:


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Written by Skylar Bauer


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