Greg in Good Company’s Music Video has the Power to Wake Up Americans

American Rock N’ Roll band, Greg in Good Company is out with a new music video that will wake just about anyone up to what’s going on in the United States during this intense political climate. The music video, which was shot on an iphone7 shines light on the people carrying the torch of the revolution and the people that are drowning out social progress. The video combined with a powerful sounding rock song will have viewers crying as they see depressing news footage of police shootings and lying politicians. The video also shows footage that will give you chills such as our social revolutionists like American football star Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during The National Anthem. The lyrics talk about the injustice in the country but also explain how people aren’t participating to actively change the country and instead are just passively praying that things will miraculously change overnight. Hopefully this video can inspire thousands of people to stand up and take part in the revolution and fight peacefully for what’s right!

“American Way” is title track of Greg in Good Company’s 10 song debut album produced by Mitchell Haeuszer at HAUS Music in Los Angeles. The full album is now streaming on Spotify — — and available to buy on iTunes  —

Overall, aside from the topic and lyrical content, this song has a killer sound with convincing vocals and strong melodic hooks. Anyone can appreciate the incredibly talented songwriting powers of Greg in Good Company.

“This energetic rock anthem was sparked by years of Greg sifting through a depressing news cycle, full of police brutality, school shootings, bigotry, party politics and asinine public debates that are so quickly derailed by misinformation or our collective ADHD that no problems are ever solved. It’s time for change, but both stubborn ‘sides’ of the political spectrum are so afraid of compromise, we just live through an exhausting cycle of complaining and blaming while centrists are becoming an endangered species and the populations most affected by social injustices continue to be maimed. This is not a song for progressives, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans or libertarians, but rather a rallying cry for every American to put aside the differences and fears that are fueling division so we can once again embrace common sense and decency.” – Greg Gilman

Now meet the band:

Greg Gilman (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Lee (Vocals, piano)
Marty Vites (lead guitar)
Alex U’Ren (Bass)
Alexa Brinkschulte (drums)
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Enjoy this playlist that contains other politically focused anthems:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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