Artist of the Day: Be The Bear with Contagious 80’s Inspired Synth Pop


Be The Bear is likely to be the next Scandinavian artist to climb to the top and make history worldwide. Her new song “I Don’t Want To” is fun, poppy, and buries deep into the listeners ear canal during the first verse. By the time the listener gets to the chorus they will be beyond impressed by the catchy vocal melody that is impossible to not like. The song is an outrageously feel-good 80’s synth-pop anthem with an energetic vocal delivery and a unique vocal tone that is unforgettable. Christina Wehage is the artist and producer behind Be The Bear who is taking the industry by storm and even making to the #1 spot on the Alternative chart in Sweden. She also founded the record label Loud Attic Records:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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