Kyson Cleverly Fuses Hip Hop & Folk Elements in “Every High”

With roots in both hip-hop and folk music, producer-vocalist-composer Kyson is taking the world by storm! “Every High” is Kyson’s latest release that starts with smooth ambient slightly-effected vocals on top of a hip hop beat and a folky acoustic guitar. The lead vocal comes in with a strong melody. The track is not overly produced at all. “Every High” combines real instruments with electronic sounds that are currently popular in the EDM world meaning Kyson has created something that truly stands out from the bunch. The flavor of authenticity in the instrumentation showcases true emotions and let listeners really appreciate and feel the meaning behind the lyrical content. Kyson is currently based in Berlin and gigs frequently in that area.

You can hear Kyson’s brilliant Folktronica song on Spotify:

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