Runaway Ricochet’s ‘Daytime TV’ Is Classically Energetic Ska Punk

8 17 18 Runaway RicochetRunaway Ricochet’s ‘Daytime TV’ is energetic pop punk with a horns-oriented ska element. The group describes their sound as having an “upbeat ska feel layered with solid horn riffs.” According to frontman Erik Saxton, the lyrics were inspired by the unceremonious closing of the band’s former college and the loss of their apartment, among other things, that came with that. These guys veer pretty close to the ska punk orthodoxy, but they do so with a proficiency and attention to detail that’s rarely matched. The percussion on here is really solid and the bass lines foster a deep sense of connection between the group’s rhythmic and melodic elements. In classic ska form, the guitar functions as an understated ringleader for the horns to lay into. It may not be the most glamorous guitar work ever, but this track would be nothing without it. And of course, the horns on here are powerful, irreverent and brassy. This is a well-done track from a talented group of musicians. Check out ‘Daytime TV’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13


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