‘Leaves’ by Fanclub Is Refined, Emotionally-Polarized Indie Pop

8 17 18 Fanclub‘Leaves’ by Fanclub is airy, refined indie pop with a emotionally-polarized, eclectic vibe. The songwriting duo, made up of Leslie Crunkilton and Mike Lee, gets at “songs that are just as beautiful and dazzling as they are captivating and upbeat,” they say. With the addition of “Daniel Schmidt on percussive duty, Fanclub showcase all their strengths,” on this debut single. The diverse, layered nature of this song is probably what makes it so effective. There are weird distorted melodic elements that battle with super clean synth riffs. Somehow, it all sounds beautiful together. Under that, some almost machine-like, yet somehow very organic, percussion makes sure everything stays together. And of course, how could we forget about those hauntingly beautiful vocals. They really bring the track to another emotional level. These guys do an awesome job bringing bedroom pop into more pointed, refined territory. Check out ‘Leaves’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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