Empowering Trio Luci is out with Stunning Debut Release [Exclusive Interview]

“We’ve been told that each individual voice carries a unique tone by itself, but that when we come together it becomes one voice. That’s actually why we eventually decided to call ourselves by one name. That one voice is Luci.”


Luci is the talented songwriting and singing trio based in Los Angeles that have bonded over the empowerment of the “Me Too” movement, a strong urge for adventure, and a passionate love for music. The driven group has been gigging often playing legendary venues across the country including venues in SoCal and Nashville and leaves audiences feeling stunned by the raw and lovely vocals and poetic lyricism.

The powerful all-women group has just released their first song on Spotify titled “Ashes (Stripped)” so now the whole world has the ability to hear this great sound. The song is a stripped down  ballad with Americana and folk roots and is driven by acoustic guitar and a warm piano. The track makes Luci stand out from other acts because of the mesmerizing vocals and harmonies.

Luci has been spending time recording in Nashville and will release more singles soon, followed by a full length album early next year. Rock The Pigeon had the privilege to interview this talented group of women to understand their formation and passion for music. Enjoy “Ashes” and the interview with Luci below!

RTP: How does the songwriting process go? Is it something one member does or do you all collectively write together? 

Luci: The process starts differently every time! Sometimes, one of us will start and idea and bring it to the group. Sometimes, one of us will have a full song completed until it gets “Lucified.” But most of the time, we start a tune from scratch and collaborate together.

RTP: What’s been your favorite moment in your career so far?

Luci: Being three curious, adventure seeking women…we have a lot of moments. Some of our happiest moments are when we travel and we very distinctly remember feeling on top of the world and right at home at the same time the first tour we ever did. On that tour, we had to giggle in the face of crisis: being stranded under a staircase in the Nashville airport from 3-6am turned into one of the most memorable songwrites we’ve ever had. Lastly, the magic we felt on stage and feel on stage is something we carry with us; especially when performing at the Troubadour last year. It was electric, sweaty, and legendary in Luci history.


RTP: When did you form and how did you all meet?

Ashley: Ariana will insist it was on Friday the 13th…but it was actually on a Thursday evening, March of 2015, in my little NoHo apartment. It still felt a little witchy tho

Mckail: I originally met Ari at the Los Angeles Songwriter’s Collective in Chinatown and had a huge girl crush…The first time I met Ashley was at the House of Blues off of Sunset (RIP) —

Ashley: I went up to Mckail and told her her voice was magic!

Ari: I then saw the two of them perform together at Room 5 in Hollywood (RIP part 2) and actually asked Mckail if I could sing back up for her…

Ashley: Bitch, please.

Mckail: I set up a session between the three of us —

Ariana: On Friday the 13th

Mckail: …and the rest is history!

RTP: Is this single the first of more coming? Do you have more in the works or already recorded? If so when does an EP or album drop?

Luci: This single Ashes (Stripped) is definitely the first of the roll out. We’re currently in the collaborative process with a team out in Nashville, and have plans to release more singles soon and an album early 2019!

RTP: What is something you want the world to know about your band that reporters don’t usually talk about?

Luci: In the midst of the Me Too movement resurfacing, we feel not only closer than ever but way more empowered. At the end of the day, we are friends; above all, we have each other. Through our music, we’re able to feel like we can express ourselves without restraint and together we never feel like we’re pushed down or aside. We feel completely confident and limitless, and there’s a lot of encouragement and strength in that.

The thing about Luci that is not only shocking to us but others as well, is how different we all are as individuals; still, we are the sisters we never knew we needed (we all only have brothers). Individually we could all and have all pursued music alone in different ways…but doing it together just flows and feels right. We’ve been told that each individual voice carries a unique tone by itself, but that when we come together it becomes one voice. That’s actually why we eventually decided to call ourselves by one name. That one voice is Luci.


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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