“To Be Free” an Uplifting Single by Passenger

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A sole sad piano sits in contrast to the uplifting lyrics of “To Be Free” by Passenger. He sings about people beaten down from loss and war coming far from home in search for freedom. We hear another story of a young man who grows up on a farm and leaves his home to travel and see the world. The vocals are a focal point of this track, the lyrics bring the listener on journey with Passenger and the piano helps tell the tale. The imagery and message of the song makes this inspiring track worth the listen.

Passenger’s new album “Runaway” comes out on August 31st! It can be pre-ordered here.

“Like feathers on the ocean breeze
They went spinning and tumbling ‘cross the sea
Never know where they’d come down
Or who they’d be
Like heather on the hillside
They were bruised and they were battered by the breeze
Searching for a place
To be free”

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Written by Jordanna Felice of Eithermore

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