Third and Delaware’s ‘Solemn Secrets’ Is Melodic Metalcore with Electronic Elements

8 23 18 Third and DelawareThird and Delaware’s ‘Solemn Secrets’ is a strong take on melodic metalcore with some tasteful electronic elements. The band says it, “utilizes heavy influences while incorporating other genres to bring a unique yet familiar sound to the scene.” Taking cues from traditional metalcore outfits like August Burns Red and Memphis May Fire, the band has a punching-yet-poppy sound that makes extensive use of clean vocals. These guys don’t identify as a Christian band, but the heavier elements of their sound seem deeply in debt to fellow Texan Christian metalcore icons like Phinehas and Oh, Sleeper. Following in this very Hot Topic vein, the band has brought in a lot of electronic elements reminiscent of Bring Me the Horizon’s newer work. These guys are a pretty new band, so they need another release or two to really tighten things up. In spite of that, there’s a lot of potential here. They display an unashamed tendency to indulge in their poppier tendencies, but at the same time these guys can chug out a solid breakdown. Those imperatives are what make metalcore commercially viable. This is a promising release from an up-and-coming band. Check out ‘Solemn Secrets’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13


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