Moral Support’s ‘Complexity’ Is Punishing, Angsty Philly Metalcore

8 26 18 Moral Support.jpegMoral Support’s ‘Complexity’ is punishing, angsty Philly metalcore with flying post-hardcore-style choruses. The band describes itself as melding, “turbulent verses, catchy choruses and unapologetic lyricism into one cohesive package bursting at the seams with energy.” They “walk a fine line between a variety of genres,” they say. “While some influences are evident in the music, the band melds these divergent sounds into their unique, refined style.” These guys definitely take a lot from the aughts metalcore scene. Under the obvious elements they’ve borrowed from groups like Underoath and Memphis May Fire, these guys have a ferocious directness that harkens back to the genre’s earlier days. It’s always nice to see a post-hardcore-oriented metalcore band that knows how to use their clean choruses with restraint. The divisive vocal dynamic is so much more effective when it doesn’t overwhelm the piece. This is a solid track from a strong band. Check out ‘Complexity’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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