“Jealous” the Polished New Collaborative Track by Oliver Nelson, Tobtok and Sorana


“Jealous” is the polished new electronic single by Oliver Nelson, Tobtok and Sorana that’s sure to get you up on your feet and dancing. The song is about something most of us have been through, the jealousy we feel for a former lover. The contagious chorus melody is followed by a unique synth with a tonality similar to a flute. “I’m jealous you know,” is repeated and sung to a melody so catchy it’s sure to get stuck in your head after one listen. This fun electronic/dance track is worth giving a listen.

Hear this fresh track on Spotify now:


Oliver Nelson

www.facebook.com/olknelsen | www.instagram.com/olivernelsonmusic | www.twitter.com/olivernelson_


www.facebook.com/tobtok | www.instagram.com/tobtokmusic | www.twitter.com/tobtok


www.facebook.com/soranaofficial | www.instagram.com/iamsorana | www.twitter.com/iamsorana

Written by Jordanna Felice of Eithermore


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