‘Embrace’ by Hope Remains Is Theatrical, Thrashy Metalcore with a Tight Sound

8 28 18 Hope Remains‘Embrace’ by Hope Remains is theatrical, thrashy metalcore with a tight sound. These Indiana natives, “determined to deliver industry standard quality material from day one, spent the first three years behind the scenes setting everything in place and lining up all the necessary pieces before going public in July 2017.” The group’s “debut album Visions and Memories was nominated in the Best Metal/Hardcore Album category in the 16th annual IMAs.” This is some exceptionally strong metalcore. It generally falls pretty squarely within the genre’s traditional boundaries, but considering this is a single off their debut effort, that’s not something to feel bad about. Flowing freely with the well-done mid-range screams, the riffs on here have a precision and focus that echoes the upper echelons of the metalcore world. The production is really the key to the power these guys channel on here. In that sense, some lines could maybe be drawn between Hope Remains and groups like Darkest Hour. This is a great debut from a promising band. Check out ‘Embrace’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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