5 Awesome Punk Songs on Second to Safety’s Latest EP


Second to Safety is a 4-piece punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a sound that quickly and firmly hooks all who listen in. The young indie band has recently released a 5-song EP titled “Fine” that features lots of great tunes including a very unique song titled “Lines.” The song is extra interesting due to the vocal delivery and melody that takes unexpected turns and keeps the track sounding exciting throughout it’s 3 minutes and 48 seconds of play time. The melody becomes quite contagious and brings a hopeful vibe to the listeners ears. Second to Safety sounds very much like a garage band that plays because they love music and it’s clear that they truly feel every single note. Emotion is jam packed into this EP! You can hear it on Spotify now:

“Lines is a slightly overenthusiastic celebration of realizing you don’t need to have it all together to explore life and the world; that not understanding how everything is going to come together is half the fun of being alive” – Sean Dekonty

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secondtosafety/

Website: http://secondtosafety.com

Written by Ryan Cassata

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