B-Bless’s Song “Love” is a Mantra for the Lonely

A refrain of “I don’t wanna be alone” starts emotional rap song “Love” from B-Bless, a son of an African king and two-time Emmy award winner. “Love” is arguably less about love itself, as the title suggests, and more about love as a concept. It’s about wanting someone to experience life and all it has to offer with, but there’s not a clear love interest. It seems more like he is trying to reach out into the void for companionship. The song, which could be about familial, friendly, or romantic love, resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt alone. The phrase “I don’t wanna be alone” resurfaces repeatedly throughout the song and creates the chorus, almost like a mantra for the lonely. “Love” has a strong chorus that will easily get stuck in your head and a chill rap flow that is quite enjoyable from start to end.

Check out “Love” off of the album “King of Hearts” on Spotify:


Written by Skylar Bauer

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