Morgan Englund’s “Homeward Bound (A Firefighter’s Song)” Makes You Appreciate the Small Things

We often overlook first responders and forget to appreciate the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. Morgan Englund’s new country song and music video “Homeward Bound (A Firefighter’s Song)” tells us what being a first responder looks like. The traditional country sound and imagery of a pickup truck and a bonfire underlie this powerful ballad, clashing with the horrifying image of a heroin overdose and lyrics about death and destruction, all of which took place in a 72-hour period. Despite all the trauma he has witnessed, he only cares about getting home to his family and spending time with them. This heart-wrenching separation inspires us to appreciate our loved ones while they are here with us because there is no guarantee they’ll come home.

Written by Skylar Bauer


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