The Get Up Kids Continue to Excite Fans with Kicker [New Release Review]

The Get Up Kids have recently released a new EP titled “Kicker” that features 4 fresh tracks. The record still sounds like The (original) Get Up Kids carrying the vibe of emo and punk. Their sound has been consistent over the years giving cult fans something to always look forward to. The new record is filled with lots of catchy vocal melodies, super meaningful lyrics and a young spirit that never seems to settle down. They released a fun music video for their banger song “I’m Sorry” on Polyvinyl Records on August 24th, 2018. You can watch it on Youtube:

The Get Up Kids carry the same high energy feeling at their live shows to this day. I was lucky enough to catch their show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles last June and left with a t-shirt, pin, and ringing ears, feeling satisfied. I wanted the show to go on forever but was happy to hear some of the classics and some songs that only hardcore fans know all the words to.  The Get Up Kids played a mix of songs from their beloved earlier records and brilliant new songs from Kicker. Each song flowed into the next regardless of the date they were written. Fans sang along to every word as The Get Up Kids put on a show that will be remembered forever.

Photo by Ryan Cassata / The Get Up Kids at the Troubadour 2018

The Get Up Kids have touched many peoples lives including mine. “Something to Write Home About” and “Four Minute Mile” were my go to records when things got rough whether it was family troubles, bad breakups, or just that lonely feeling of being young and different than others. Their music became the soundtrack to my teenage years of growing up and became a major influence in my own songwriting and musical style.



You can enjoy the entire EP on Spotify as well:


Written by Ryan Cassata, a die-hard Get Up Kids fan
Here’s a tattoo I got for the band years ago…

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