The Rap God Just Dropped a Cutthroat Surprise 13 Track LP

Eminem released his surprise record titled “ as soon as the clock hit August 31st on the East Coast. The 13-track record speaks a lot about the state of the music industry and the rap world in general. Eminem mentions and/or references Lil Xan, Lil Pump, Kendrick, Tyler The Creator, 50 Cent and other artists on the new record. He claps back at the people who publicly dissed his last record “Revival” released in 2017. Eminem consistently cites himself as the best rapper through the lyrics on the record. At times he may come across as egotistical but we’ve never heard anyone that can rap quite as fast or rhyme as cleverly as he does. Eminem also disses people who don’t write their own lyrics or hire ghost writers while speaking about the Grammy Awards and artists who he believes don’t deserve awards. “ needs 100% of the listeners attention to gather the full story in the lyrical content and to catch every fast word that Eminem spits. The record is strangely compelling and addicting. It’s very hard to stop listening to it mid-way through. Regardless of if you like the lyrical content or not, it’s impossible to deny the authentic talent that is Eminem.

RTP’s Favorite Lyrics are from “Stepping Stone.”

If I could leave this world behind
I could open up my eyes and walk in a straight line

Turn to the river with you
Help me leave this all behind
I’ma wash away my sins
I’ma rinse away this dirt
I forgot to make amends
To all the friends I may have hurt
I better stop and say my grace
From that I pray that I don’t fall
‘Cause on the way back down I may
May end up running back into them all
I never meant to use you all as my stepping stones (Source)

Listen to it on Spotify now:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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