DreamStates Out with Sophomore Album “Mode of Being”


DreamStates are out with a new album that one ups their last album. They have come back with a more mature sound on the record “Mode of Being.” The song “Silhouette” is one of the many reasons the album shines so much. The song has a retro punk vibe and sometimes feels a bit disco-y because of the drum shuffle. The song is well-produced, feels good, and is greatly high energy. The vocals are compelling, well delivered, and go to unexpected but great places. The melodies in the song are a bit out of the ordinary but become ear worms that you’ll want to hear over and over again. DreamStates are based in Ohio and formed in late 2017. You can enjoy the 8-song LP on Spotify now:

“We have a really strong mutual desire to expand the roster of transgender musicians in the entertainment industry. For us, it goes far beyond our personal musical goals and over into the realm of activism, equality and empowerment for what is an embattled community of beautiful people.” – DreamStates

More places to find DreamStates:

DreamStates is also featured on this playlist that only includes music from other openly identifying transgender artists:

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