Listen to the Dr! Dr Buzzworm Releases Honest Song about the Inability to Fall in Love


If you have never heard of Dr Buzzworm, you are surely missing out! The doctor, AKA Dr Buzzworm (Robert Tapert) just released a rock n’ roll song titled “Never.” The song rings true as a punk rock romantic anthem with emotionally charged lyrics that speak about all the things the singer would never let happen to his romantic interest and fun things he would do for them to keep them content. He repeats “I would never” followed by verses about bad things that could possibly happen but follows with “I could never fall in love again.” The song is catchy and upbeat in a fun way and is bound to get stuck in your head. The singer seems to be channeling artists/bands like Cranford Nix, The Ramones, and Dead Boys. “Never” was released as a single on August 23rd, 2018. Dr Buzzworm is currently based in and writing songs in Los Angeles, California. The song could be heard on Spotify:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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