Band of the Day: The Split Seconds who Carry the Spirit of Early Punk

D.C. punk rockers The Split Seconds are out with a simple but aesthetically pleasing music video for their single “Everybody’s Wrong.” The video is well done, with great lighting, and lots of interesting looks, and includes shots of the The Split Seconds performing the song with lots of raw emotion. The song “Everybody’s Wrong” is off of The Split Seconds’ recently released sophomore album titled Counterfeit Reality which came out on June 8th, 2018. Their music is highly catchy and carries the spirit of old school punk. They would fit well on a bill with The Replacements, Buzzcocks, or Generation X. These guys are punk as fuck! Enjoy the new video on Youtube or listen to the full album on Spotify.

More News about The Split Seconds:
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Written by Ryan Cassata

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