Retrovyzor’s ‘Nvat V2’ Is Unpretentious, Narrative Spanish-Language Rock

9 5 18 Retrovyzor.jpgRetrovyzor’s ‘Nvat V2’ is unpretentious, narrative Spanish-language alt-pop-punk from Boston by way of Venezuela. This song “is a new version of the first single released by the band, now adapted for the band’s current line up,” they say, “impregnated with inspiration and spontaneity that rises from jam sessions and the connection of live musicians.” They say, “the title of the track is an abbreviation of its original name ‘No Volveré a Tomar’, which in english means ‘I’ll Never Drink Again.'” This song has a storybook quality to it that not many people in rock music have been able to achieve without sounding cheesy. Below some really well-constructed lyrics and a strong vocal performance, emotive, almost jazzy guitars and strong, popping drums bring the whole thing together. This has a lot of the spirit of rock and roll’s heyday, but at the same time it brings in an intelligent, emotional quality that’s really refreshing. This is an awesome track. Check out ‘Nvat V2’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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