This Trap Cover of ‘All the Small Things’ by Upstairs Hits It on the Nose

9 10 18 UpstairsThis cover of Blink-182’s ‘All the Small Things’ by Upstairs is a trappy updated take on this pop punk classic. This artist describes himself as, “just a kid trying to do it different.” This is an interesting piece of work. It’s kind of funny that a trap cover doesn’t actually sample the song it’s paying homage to. That may be emblematic of the direction rap music is going in. In an age when completely original sounds can be summoned from the depths of a computer chip, why would you need take from someone else’s work? Anyways, this is a really dynamic, well-produced track. It’s not reinventing the wheel or anything, but it’s a fun way to pay homage to a surprisingly prevalent influence on this generation of rappers. Check out ‘All the Small Things’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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