Long Island Band HOAX Releases Adult Lullaby “Moon Moon Baby”

“Moon Moon Baby” is the person, place, or activity that allows us to see our true self, the person behind the mirror, the person who is not who they are because of what they do, but rather the person who is, simply because they be.

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“Moon Moon Baby” by HOAX is undeniably a feel-good indie-pop track. It can even be described as a lullaby for adults. It has a contagious hook that is delivered so smoothly and so soulfully. “Moon Moon Baby” sounds like a good-mix between rock n’ roll oldies and the chart topping music of today making it a playlist favorite for just about anyone. The song carries an essence of summer time inspiration and romance. The band, HOAX formed at Hofstra University which gives us another great act straight out of the legendary Long Island music scene.

Enjoy this beautiful song on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata (from Long Island)

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