The Dirty Nil Delivers an Important Message in a Punk Rock Fashion

“I’ve found subtlety to be a vastly overrated quality, best left to cardigan wearing jazz tooters. We here at The Dirty Nil prefer to espouse the truth in all its brash glory and ugliness…I Don’t Want That Phone Call is a love letter to any individual struggling with substances of self destruction. You’re not alone, there’s help out there, friends.”

– Luke Bentham



“I Don’t Want That Phone Call” by The Dirty Nil is a song that many people can relate to now. With the prescription drug problem on the rise, it seems that most people know someone that has died from drugs or alcohol or they know someone who is currently struggling. It’s become an epidemic on North American soil and is effecting people around the globe as well. Canadian-punk act, The Dirty Nil explains the true emotions of being afraid that you’ll get a phone call that your good friend is gone due to drugs and alcohol. It’s a fear that many people have today so the song really hits home for so many. It’s a phone call that I’ve unfortunately received many times so the song naturally brings chills to my body. Luke Bentham, the fierce lead singer of The Dirty Nil delivers his lyrics with a sense of urgency that is loaded with an incredible amount of emotion and sincerity. The band plays in a grove that lifts the lyrical content of the song immensely. Regardless of the message in the lyrics, it’s a kick-ass punk song with a good structure and sound.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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