Cursive’s ‘Under the Rainbow’ Is a Strong Release From The Long-Running Omaha Indie Outfit

9 13 18 Cursive.jpgCursive’s ‘Under the Rainbow’ is another strong release from this important, long-running Omaha-based indie rock group. The band describes itself as “writing smart, tightly woven concept albums where frontman Tim Kasher turns his unflinching gaze on specific, oftentimes challenging themes, and examines them with an incisively brutal honesty.” These guys emerged from the same Omaha prep school scene that launched the likes of Lullaby for the Working Class and Bright Eyes. In fact, Tim Kasher and Conor Oberst were both in an emo band called Commander Venus before they moved on to their current projects. Anyways, this new work from Cursive has a sad, honky aesthetic. In certain regards, it has a distinctly Heartland feel. It could almost be said it has a kind of Americana sensibility. As always, the band’s competent musicianship has allowed Kasher’s insightful lyricism to really pop. It’s bolstered by the pensive, anxious environment the group traffics in. The way the group has been able to keep its stride and freshness after almost two decades of existence is really impressive. This is a quality track from an influential band. Check out ‘Under the Rainbow’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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