‘C’est La Vie’ by American Spirits Is Clean, Glum Pop Punk Out of Ohio

9 20 18 American Spirits‘C’est La Vie’ by American Spirits is some clean, glum pop punk out of Ohio. “Formed in July 2017,” the band has also, “cultivated a local DIY venue called the Summit Shack in Bowling Green, Ohio. With over 100 shows played across the Midwest, they show no signs of slowing down.” The group has some heavyweights from the modern Midwest scene in their corner, as their “new EP is currently being mastered by Mat Kerekes of Citizen and Steven Warstler of Secret Space,” These guys definitely know what makes the intersection of emo and pop-punk such an intriguing corner of the music world. The band channels an honest misery, but that’s framed within a clean tone and a strong pop sensibility. These guys have strong compositional chops, but they know that loading the song with too many strong textures or ornate guitar with overpower would ruin the straightforward simplicity of their, and their broader scene’s, vibe. This is an awesome track from a band on the rise. Check out ‘C’est La Vie’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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