Gethen Jenkins Transports Us to the Rowdiest Saloon in “Bottle In My Hand”


“‘Bottle In My Hand’ is a shuffle about drinking, doing your own thing, not letting anybody slow you down.” – Gethen Jenkins

Gethen Jenkins, has a deep bluesy voice, that fits comfortably on top of western slide guitars that seem to belong in a gritty saloon somewhere in the South. “Bottle In My Hand” is a country song that gets a bit rowdy and has a grand shuffle that rocks to chords that change frequently. The song keeps a steady yet exciting pace with a voice that feels raw, setting the song apart from other current country artists. Jenkins song is an anthem for anyone that wants to do things their own way and not be bothered by anything or anyone. The guitars and voice are jam packed with just the right amount of rebellion and power. “Bottle In My Hand” was premiered by Billboard Magazine in August.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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