Rich Krueger Shares the Unique Story of “Don” with Talented Songwriting

Happy October, Pigeons! We (a very small blogging staff) have featured over 800 new songs since the end of February on our blog and Spotify playlists! We are working hard here from (literally) all over the world and we are so happy to bring the BEST current music directly to your speakers.


We want to take a special moment today to highlight an incredibly talented singer-songwriter named Rich Krueger. He is out with a new song titled “Don” in which he tells a story about a man that he names Don for the sake of this persons anonymity. The song is rich in great storytelling and a uniquely deep yet soft vocal tone that hooks the listener in from the songs start. “Don” is a compelling story about Rich and “Don” as teenagers from a now adults perspective. The reality of “Don” is dark and the song often feels like a ramble where Rich Krueger is processing his experience with his friend. The delivery of the story makes the lyrical content feel completely honest and authentic which creates a great song where you may actually feel that Krueger is singing directly to you. The song is 6 minutes long and is filled with exciting instrumentation such as melodic and twangy guitars and a steady drum and bass groove that keeps the song rolling along at a steady pace.

Learn the story of “Don” yourself…and let us know if Rich Krueger entertained you too…

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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