Kerbera’s ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’ Is Accessible, Groovy Swedish Pop Metal

10 9 18 KerberaKerbera’s ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’ is an angsty, poppy take on nu metal out of Stockholm. The band describes itself as fusing, “an ambient sound with progressive undertones and catchy melodies. Kerbera is too hard for the soft and too soft for the hard, too dark for the bright and too bright for the dark,” they say. These guys have definitely taken a unique, yet kind of familiar approach here. It almost feels like you could throw them in the same category as an act like Babymetal. They have a bouncy groove reminiscent of Korn or Five Finger Death Punch, but at the same time they bring in a lot of elements from the worlds of alternative and pop not terribly unlike The 1975 or Twenty One Pilots. This pop metal sound serves as a great entry point for younger or less experienced listeners interested in harder music. This is the kind of stuff that will keep the keep the genre alive. Check out ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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