No Small Children Release Nostalgic Music Video Following Unforgettable RIOT FEST Performance

“This video brings back memories of watching puppets spell, count, and make mischief. This song is about nostalgia, what’s more nostalgic than that?”
– Nicola of No Small Children

No Small Children is on fire right now after playing an incredible set at RIOT FEST and releasing their latest album titled “What Do The Kids Say?” The retro-sounding punk band hits a powerful chord with their new release “Radio.” The vocal melodies are catchy and combined with the right instrumentation and production the band has got a serious hit. Our favorite part of the song is the pre-chorus as it is the perfect amount of unexpected writing before diving into a poppy chorus section. The music video is just about as unique as it gets because the band teamed up with the legendary Jim Henson Studios to create puppets for the video. Jim Henson Studios is known for the recent Melissa McCarthy movie, The Happytime Murders. The No Small Children music video can be viewed on Youtube. We hope you’ll turn your speakers all the way up for this one!

The fierce group consists of all female elementary school teachers. The band rehearses when the bell rings and school lets out and they tour during school vacations. They have quickly gained success with lots of hard work after work and have even had song placements in shows such as Santa Clarita Diet and have toured nationally.

We found this clip of their RIOT FEST Performance on YouTube:

More info:

“rockin chicks by night, school teachers by day.”

Written by Ryan Cassata


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