Bony Macaroni’s New Track Brings a Zany, Sarcastic Tone to the Self-Loathing of Emo Pop

10 16 18 Bony Macaroni.jpgBony Macaroni’s ‘Piece of Shit’ is a sweet, anthemic pop punk with a pounding, raucous approach. These guys say they “are making self-loathing cool again. At least, they hope so. Because, after previous failed attempts at life in general, these dudes want to give a fuck again.” This tune “is about trying super hard to succeed and, like, not succeeding and blaming everybody else for it.” The group seems to share a lot of ground with acts like The Front Bottoms, Neck Deep or Brand New. They have an eclectic, zany take on the emo pop sound that fuses understated acoustic guitars and self-deprecating lyrics with soaring solos and a gruff, honest sensibility. This song’s structure does a good job of presenting the dichotomy between the quiet anxieties that can rule a troubled mind and the looming real-world chaos they give way to. This is a well-crafted banger from a promising band. Check out ‘Piece of Shit’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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