Madeleine Roger has a Powerful Voice in the Fight for Gender Equality

 This song is a deeply personal one, and it has come to mean so much to me. I hope it speaks to you too. I believe that human capabilities are vast. I believe that equality is worth striving for. I believe that we can do better. – Madeleine Roger

Madeleine Roger sings courageously on her new single “60 Years More” which is all about what it’s like to be a woman in 2018 while fighting for gender equality. “60 Years More” features black & white old time footage of women decades and decades ago who were working and marching for their rights to walk equally among men. The march for equal rights has been going on forever and Madeleine Roger sings about wanting to see a real shift during her lifetime. The lyrics of the song express feeling less-then since birth due to gender and inequalities such as unfair wages.

The song is a modestly produced soft acoustic ballad with lyrics that are so relevant and important, all over the world, in 2018. The vocal tone and performance is extremely beautiful and soothing for the listener. The song calls for change and acts as a peaceful protest for the world to shift into a place that is equal. We truly believe that music has the power it takes to make real psychic changes, and we hope that people will spread around Madeleine Roger’s brave and true song.


Madeleine Roger is based in Winnipeg, Canada. Her debut solo album comes out on October 26th titled “Cottonwood.”


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