‘Rising Wall’ by Starframes Is a Spacey Piece of an Alt-Rock Concept Album

10 26 18 Starframes‘Rising Wall’ by Starframes is some expansive, well-structured alternative rock that makes good use of electronics. The band describes the song as, “based on a powerful groove [and] some funky guitars,” while the “synths create the dreamy atmosphere.” These Naples-natives, who have been playing together for well over a decade now, really know how to create a compelling sonic environment. This song, which falls within the greater narrative of their new concept album Nicht Vergessen, has a decidedly spacey vibe. There’s something kind of ominous and surreal about it – kind of like Daft Punk or certain David Bowie tunes. For such a layered piece, there’s a surprising amount of clarity on here. That could probably be attributed to a mindful approach to the recording and mixing processes. This is a neat track from an experienced band. Check out ‘Rising Wall’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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