Down North Creates a Tasteful Fusion of Funk, Soul, and Rock, Quickly Hooking in Listeners

“We’re not even really a soul band, because we don’t have horns. You know when you see soul singers, and they’re, like, cool and smooth? Yeah, that’s not us. We’re like that old stuff that you see on YouTube, the wild, crazy performances where the dude is sweating within the first song. Yeah, that’s how we are.” 
– Down North lead singer/dancer, Anthony Briscoe


Maybe Down North is not classified as a soul band, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring some authentic soul to their music. Down North has a unique sound that seems to fuse 70’s classic rock, funk, and soul together seamlessly. They may not have a proper horn section like most soul bands but they have a bass line that can entertain even if that bass player showed up solo. Their songs also feature incredible organs/keyboards with wailing solos, funky and tasteful guitars and a vocal that puts the soul right back into new music. “Heartbreaker” is a fresh song that combines the charisma of Michael Jackson, the soulful sound of Sam Cooke and the funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Heartbreaker” is a jam that you do not want to miss out on! Get into Down North! This band will blow your mind and turn you on to soul and funk! “Heartbreaker” is off Down North’s EP titled “No Retreat, Vol 1.” Find it on Spotify now:


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“Hailing from Seattle, Down North consists of lead singer/dancer Anthony “Renagade” Briscoe, guitarist Nick Quiller, drummer Conrad Real, and bassist Brandon Storms.” (Source: Submithub)

Written by Ryan Cassata

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