Eden Mulholland’s ‘The Vanishing’ Is Pensive Alt-Rock with an Attention to Detail

11 1 18 Eden Mulholland.jpgEden Mulholland’s ‘The Vanishing’ is patient, pensive alternative rock with a sweet, anxious tinge. “Hailing from New Zealand,” this artist describes himself as, “a prolific songwriter, producer, composer, video director, graphic artist and contemporary dancer who has maintained a unique style throughout his career, always managing to challenge his audience in everything he does.” Following “years of producing weird and wonderful art while still attempting to conform to the norms of the industry,” Mulholland, “threw out the rule book and made a conscious decision to create and release art however the hell he wanted,” resulting in this new tune. This song does a very good of establishing tension and delivering payoff without moving into the realm of melodrama. The track has a dynamic, fulfilling compositional structure, but at the same time there’s a deep sense of unity within the sonic and production choices that gives it a very tight feel. This is absolutely worth a listen. Check out ‘The Vanishing’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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