MeMe Detroit’s ‘Churchside Inn’ Is Scuzzy, High-Spirited Hard Rock

11 6 18 MeMe Detroit.jpgMeMe Detroit’s ‘Churchside Inn’ is distorted, punky hard rock with a straightforward, fuzzy approach. “Oozing scuzzy hooks and MeMe’s gritty, impassioned vocals,” this artist describes this opening track from their new EP Life in the Now as, “an ode to her favorite pub, The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham.” This project “became the alias for singer/multi-instrumentalist Maria Rodriguez in 2014.” She sees “going solo as like a huge weight being lifted, as a real happiness in playing music was ignited again.” This definitely hits hard, but there’s a uniquely high-spirited, upbeat sensibility that cuts the track’s roughness really well. There’s a soaring, dueling melodicism that defines the track and helps it hone in on its tone of choice. This is an awesome piece from an energetic project. Check out ‘Churchside Inn’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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