‘Gnetik Pt. 2’ by Bknott and Kudoz Bridges Classic and Modern Rap Trends

11-10-18-bknott.jpg‘Gnetik Pt. 2’ by Bknott and Kudoz is bouncy, fast-paced rap with a surprisingly chilled vibe. The beat on here does a great job of fusing classic approaches with a more modern technique and composition. It pays homage to classic New York hip-hop acts like Wu Tang Clan and Mobb Deep through its crispy keys-oriented sampling. Under that, the composition and broader vibe could be described as trap. The janky hi-hats, rumbling 808s and minimalist melancholy sensibility align this with the uber-popular Florida sound. In terms of vocals, these guys are bridging the two worlds as well. There’s a speed and technicality that defines the delivery on here which is clearly reminiscent of the duo’s old school heritage, but the healthy use of ad-libs and monotone, laid-back flow give these guys a foot in the new school as well. This is an energized track track from some quality artists. Check out ‘Gnetik Pt. 2’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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