Buddy 1231’s ‘Kaioken’ Is Some Janky, Experimental Rap

11 10 18 Buddy1231.jpegBuddy1231’s ‘Kaioken’ is oddly-metered, non-sequitur rap music with a technical, dynamic approach. The artist says this “is the first single off of my upcoming album, Stand Still which follows my EP Nobody.” He describes it as, “a lyrical exercise showing that no matter how talented I feel I am, I’m still at a stand-still in my music career.” There’s a lot going on in this track. The beat has a lot of layers from the janky, off-beat percussion on the bottom to the piano-heavy sampling and soaring orchestral strings on top. The flow and cadence of the vocal delivery follows the non-traditional meter to a tee which gives the track an experimental, almost progressive take. With that, the song conveys a well-constructed persona or character through the lyrical approach and and articulated aesthetic. This is an awesome piece from an artist going places. Check out ‘Kaioken’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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