C-Dup’s ‘Up!’ Is a Glitzy, Well-Structured Take on Modern Trap

11 16 18 C-DupC-Dup’s ‘Up!’ is high-energy trap with a sparkly, well-produced beat. “Love the beat,” this artist, so he says he “had to come at it with some style.” This guy is really good at picking out, or maybe coming up with, samples. The way these dainty, glamorous string contrast with the unpretentious ballsiness of the rest of the track’s framework is an almost comedic, very welcome contrast. On top of that, this rapper’s delivery is exactly what you need going driving to a house party or trying to get that last set in at the gym. There’s an uplifting goofiness to it that flows really well with the compositional strength of the beat itself. This is a great track from a promising artist. Check out ‘Up!’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13


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