Small Lake City’s ‘Avenues’ Is Well-Produced, Intentional Indie Pop

11 16 18 Small Lake CitySmall Lake City’s ‘Avenues’ is chirping, funky indie pop with a clean, glitzy approach. The quartet “is the brainchild of Kyle Costomiris and Reg Hamilton. Having met in high school through their shared passion of guitar, Reg and Kyle began experimenting with various playing styles, and eventually expanded their interests into music production,” they say. The band’s “unique style stems from their free-thinking songwriting approach that follows the idea that any written melody can be played with a synth, sampler, electric guitar or a voice,” they say. “It’s a matter of finding what instrument can have the most impact in delivering the melody.” The group’s focus on production makes itself clear very early on in this track. There’s a deep sense of intentionality that permeates all of the different compositional and aesthetic elements. Attention to detail is what brings a pop song from passable to legendary, and these guys have that in droves. This is a great song from an interesting project. Check out ‘Avenues’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13



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