‘My Everything’ by Simon D James Is Expansive, Orchestral World Music

11 16 18 Simon D James‘My Everything’ by Simon D James is eclectic world music with a broad, dynamic approach. This artist claims that through his, “individual interpretation of what the term ‘indie singer-songwriter’, can mean,” he “re-invents it as a powerful force which transcends scenes and trends and reinforces his claims as one of the most alluring musicians around.” He explains the origins of this song as arising “on a somewhat inexplicable goose-chase to ‘sell coffee to the Mexicans’ in Mexico City.” There, “some downtime with friends led to an impromptu jam, from which, after some typically intricate and masterful shaping and honing, came” this expansive tune. This is a very layered piece – to the point that it almost has an orchestral vibe going on. James’ sweet, smooth voice slides effortless over the understated guitars, varied classical strings and smooth electronic elements. Put simply, this is an ambitious, well-executed composition. It’s an exceptional track from a talented artist. Check out ‘My Everything’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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