The Deep Hollow Brings Listeners on the Adventures of Growing Up & Heartbreak on their Sophomore Record

The Deep Hollow is out with a new record titled “Weary Traveler” which allows the listener to have a walk in the bands shoes through songwriting topics like getting older, the search for stability, and endless traveling. We want to shine some light on their last song from their sophomore record called “Misplaced Love”, a track driven by acoustic instrumentation and soothing vocal harmonies. The track comes across as a hauntingly beautiful and slightly melancholy testimony about losing love and the sorrow of having to move on. The trio is made up of Micah Walk, Liz Eckert and Dave Littrell who share and trade songwriting credits and seem to blend magically together musically. Each member has something brilliant to add to the songwriting or instrumentation to create songs that tell adventurous stories. Enjoy The Deep Hollow’s sophomore record, recently released on November 9th, on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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