Joe Nolan Shows the Beauty of the Bay Area with “San Francisco Girl”

San Francisco is a small and charming city that is filled with alluring art, incredible scenery and beautiful gentle people. It is such a fascinating city that tons of songs have been written about the place. Singer-songwriter Joe Nolan takes the listener on a journey to San Francisco with his folk song “San Francisco Girl.” The song is made complete with picture-painting lyrical content and a bluesy harmonica filling the empty spaces. The hook of the song is simple and sweet yet captivating enough to make the listener want to hear the song over and over again. Each time the song plays the listener can discover another element of Joe Nolan’s “San Francisco Girl” and perhaps feel connected to the mysterious yet beautiful city. Joe Nolan’s upbeat and folky songwriting seems to channel artists such as Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk, Tom Petty and Neil Young. The song “San Francisco Girl” is off of Joe Nolan’s record: “Plain Jane 20th Anniversary Edition.” More info: Enjoy the song on bandcamp!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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