david x Brings Back Classic Alt. Rock Sound With “Mr. Matt”

The new alternative song “Mr. Matt” by david x is full of nostalgic 90’s and early 2000’s sound similar to bands like Weezer and Blink-182. It has that great slow rock beat layered with an interesting melody and vocals. The song is all about a man trying to ask his girlfriend’s father’s blessing before he proposes, and it’s typical rhetoric for the ask. He basically says that he knows he’s not good enough, but he likes her anyway, but something about the lyrics feels a bit off throughout, like when he says, “I wish you could see her here.” He hints at this issue, but it’s still a really powerful ending when he makes it clear that her dad is passed and he’s writing all of this pleading in a letter. The emotion is evident, and david x captures it beautifully.

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Written by Skylar Bauer

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