Madison Olds Releases Empowering Pop Song about Heartbreak & Rediscovery

Canadian-artist Madison Olds has a voice that is filled with pure soul. Every lyric she sings in her new song “Thank You” is filled with such deep emotion and is very empowering for anyone that listens who has experienced the raw hurt of heartbreak. The singer-songwriter sings a catchy melody throughout the song while thanking her ex-lover for breaking her heart. The lyrics tell the story of how the heartbreak and break up made her stronger and paved the road for a better way of life. She has rediscovered herself through this process. The song goes along the lines of: Sometimes you need to get lost to be found. Sometimes you need to go through something dark to really see the light in living.

The song was written by Bobby Campbell, Madison Olds, Brad Stella, Abby Wale. It is, without a doubt, filled with contagious hook melodies from start to finish. Madison Olds gorgeous vocal completes the well-produced track to create something that is radio-ready and musically compelling. Enjoy the music video on YouTube and prepare to get hooked!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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